How much you know about SEO ???

How much you know about SEO ???

How much you know about SEO ???

SEO is an ongoing process in which you proactively use strategic keywords, links, HTML tags, and other techniques to increase the chances a page or site will organically land at or near the top of search result pages.

Organic, i.e., unpaid, search result rankings are not the same as Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. In a PPC campaign, you pay Google or other search engines to display a small text ad when someone performs a search using your chosen keyword or phrase. Many people who use search engines give more weight to organic results than they do to PPC ads.

SEO is important because there are billions of Web pages, and “the majority of people don’t click past the first two pages of search results,” said Matt McGee, a Search Engine Land editor, search marketing consultant and author of the Small Business Search Marketing blog. “In fact, most people only click on the top five or six search results on the first page.”


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