Use Magento for Having the Best Quality Online Shopping Store

Use Magento for Having the Best Quality Online Shopping Store (2)

E-commerce business is very much the in-thing these days, as more people prefer to buy their goods online. From clothing items to electronic goods, mobiles to household equipment, e-commerce shops offer everything to their buyers who can get them from the comfort of their own homes. The widespread popularity of online shopping has encouraged many people to open up their own online stores and cater to a growing number of people who love to buy things online. If you are looking to develop your online store, you should definitely choose Magento as your e-commerce development platform as it can definitely present you with great results. Plenty of online shopping portals are made with the help of Magento since it offers an extensive range of powerful features.

Unique elements of an e-commerce website

e-coomerce Shopping Store

Developing an e-commerce portal is a tad different than creating any other kind of website. With an online shop, you need to come up with a product catalog, create a search function that can be used for looking for specific products, a range of filters that can be used by the customers to enhance the search functions, a payment gateway along with different types of payment options and also social media buttons which can be used for sharing images and information for different kinds of products. Such elements can be only created by a powerful e-commerce development platform. By choosing to use Magento eCommerce development services, you can certainly increase your chances of having an online store that appeals to a huge customer base within a short time.

Benefits of choosing Magento

Unique elements of an e-commerce website

There are many distinct advantages of using Magento to create a powerful online shopping store. Firstly, Magento has got many features that allow you to implement functions that are critical for a safe and user-friendly shopping experience. You can also come up with unique Magento themes that can give a stylish appearance to your website. Magento also allows endless customization options for your website which means that you can come up with a one of a kind website for your audience. Moreover, online shopping websites that are built with Magento have a high SEO value. This means that these websites typically enjoy excellent ranking in the search engines. Also, it is very easy to transfer your e-commerce website developed by some other e-commerce tool into Magento at any point of time. If you are looking to boost your business prospects, you should definitely shift to Magento for your own good.

Hiring a Magento development company

Hiring a Magento development company.

When you are looking to create a high-quality online e-commerce store, it is important that you consult a professional Magento website development company that has been operating for many years. An experienced Magento developer can take your specific needs into consideration and provide you with a site that can boost your business in a major way. You can also benefit from their smart end solutions and consulting services that can make it easier for you to make important decisions about your business.

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How Web Design Solutions Are Crucial for the Success of Your Business Website?

Web Designing.jpg

Web designing is an important aspect of any successful website. Whether you are looking to create an informative website or an e-commerce portal, it is necessary that you invest in getting smart and effective web designing solutions from a web design Bangalore company that can lead to greater customer engagement for your website. It is a well-known fact that websites that are designed with the best aesthetic features tend to have the best online traffic. When you have greater traffic on your site, it can lead to a greater number of sales which in turn can boost your financial profits. Therefore, it is always a practical move to appoint an experienced web designer when you are looking to get the best results.

How can a web design company be helpful?

A web design company based in Bangalore with many years of experience can offer you customized solutions that can be good for your business needs. When you have a well-crafted business website to represent your needs, you can easily focus on the core aspects of your enterprise. These include coming up with better products and services and attending to the diverse needs of your existing customers. You can also plan on expansion of your business or promote specific products and services for a limited period of time. Another great way of using web design is that it can appeal to a certain section of the audience that you want to specifically cater to.

Web development.jpg

Technologies used by leading web design companies

Over the years, the technologies that are used for the purpose of web design have improved greatly, allowing designers to come up with stellar designs that can have a mesmerizing impact on users. The latest designers not only use such tools to create state of the art designs for their customers but they can also work hand in hand with the website development team to produce highly functional websites. The web developers can work with languages like PHP and Java as well as implement various frameworks and databases to make sure that the final product meets all the expectations of the clients. The web designers can also work on different types of web and mobile applications that the end users can benefit from.


Choosing a reliable web designing company

In order to make sure that you have the precise results that you are looking for, it is important that you hire the solutions that are offered by a well-known web designing company. While there are many companies in different parts of India, not every one of them can offer you the same level of expertise and proficiency. To make sure that your website has the best design features, you should look out for the top 10 web designing companies in India and then choose a reliable service provider whose work philosophy matches your own. A good way to choose a web designing company is to look through their previous work and ask them directly about the creative methods that they are planning to adapt to create your dream project. You should also insist on having a responsive website built for your business as that can generate a positive response from all mobile users.

Is Mobile CRM Software Bangalore the Future of Businesses?

Mobile CRM software Bangalore Discusse

Today, it’s literally difficult to imagine the existence of business processes without an efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system backing them. An integrated CRM solution is meant to help businesses collect and manage information related to:

 Customers
 Suppliers
 Sales
 Employees
 Vendors

Mobile CRM is the Next Big Trend

INDGLOBAL-How will AI Impact the Future of Software Development

As we witness the continual shift from desktop to mobile devices, the growth of mobile CRM is inevitable. In recent times, we have seen mobile CRMs like Zoho enable remote employees to use mobile devices for accessing customer accounts from remote locations. As far as customer relationship management in India is concerned, “going mobile” has been reckoned as one of the biggest trends shaping its future.

How Can Mobile CRM Benefit your Business?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that mobile traffic has actually exploded in recent times. In 2009, the total percentage of global internet traffic from mobile devices stood at a paltry 0.7%. In 2017, it accounts for a whopping 52.99%. And, there’s actually no stopping there! The numbers continue to grow! Mobile CRM allows businesses to manage operations on the go. If your CRM is unable to keep up with this kind of growth then you will be missing out on the plethora of benefits that Mobile CRM offers to:

 Businesses
 Employees
 Customers

How can Mobile CRM Benefit Employees Working from Remote Locations?

Mobile CRM Benefit Employees

Gone are the days when employees were primarily tied to their desks. Today an entire business can be conducted on the go. Come to think about these scenarios:

 As the employer you can track all the crucial business information regarding sales, customer data (like buying pattern, engagement etc)

 As a sales person, when you are traveling, you can access all the critical information required to win sales — thereby closing in sales quicker and investing time for more engagement

 Since as a business you don’t have to consider travel as your downtime—your customer is also getting the best service all the time

So, basically with a custom mobile CRM backing your business operations, you are actually making the most of what a seamless workflow has to offer you. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of how mobile CRM can systematize your business.

Mobile CRM can be described as the best of what cloud computing has to offer. Employees- especially the sales team is always traveling to meet prospects. Here is where CRM application development bangalore has ended up transforming businesses beyond imagination. Even a few years ago we couldn’t imagine that tasks like tracking customer records or identifying buying patterns could be done outside the office.

How can Mobile CRM Promote Productivity?

Mobile CRM Promote Productivity

Thanks to Mobile CRM (which can be accessed through mobile devices, tablets etc), today, these jobs can be carried out even while you are on the go. In fact, mobile CRM software Bangalore works wonders even while your employees are working or communicating from within the same building or apartment. How often have we seen productivity been hampered owing to platform compatibility issues? Keep such risks at bay with a highly functional mobile CRM platform at your service.

If we are talking about improving productivity – here’s what a mobile CRM platform has to offer you in terms of stats:

  • There are various studies that have shown that businesses end up gaining an extra 240 hours of work on an annual basis – by making efficient use of mobile devices
  • Tech News World conducted a survey and concluded that a highly functional CRM system can bolster different areas of business
  • As per a study conducted by Gartner, a well-developed CRM system can lead to 41% revenue increase – per sales person

Fundamentally, mobile CRM should have features enabling employees to dial into meetings with click-to-call, get their work plans in order using the calendar, track and respond to customer queries and access up-to-date files whenever required – regardless of the time and location. Get in touch with IndGlobal for more nuanced CRM software Bangalore constituting advanced security features including fool-proof security features, required VPN functionalities and multi-factor authentication.

How Developing B2B And B2C Websites Can Be Beneficial?

B2B AND B2C PORTAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN BANGALORE, INDIAThese days, the majority of the online businesses are targeting both businesses and individual clients to increase their sales volume as well as to boost the market share. eCommerce portals mainly work as a gateway for all the people all around the globe to make the transactions successfully with just a single click. Previously, businesses used to separate the B2B and B2C websites for an easier operation. But with the merger of B2B and B2C websites, now it is possible for both the individual customers and business owners to make the purchase of a service or product from the same website. On the other hand, the merger of B2B and B2C websites help the sellers to enhance the client base and the sales volume along with a simplified marketing and day-to-day operations. Here are some of the benefits of B2B and B2C portal development.

1. Integrated catalog management: Having one incorporated site allows the sellers to manage all the products in a single, unified database. This even offers the seller the options to toggle a few products on and off for a few users. It is much easier than managing a number of catalogs.


2.Easy adaptability: Converting the present website to a combined one is pretty simple if the open source framework like Magento is used. The majority of the leading brands in this world use Magento for eCommerce website development. So, if you are planning to develop a combined website, then the B2B portal development company Bangalore can help.

3.A feature-filled website: To maintain a hold on the buyer market, in the eCommerce shops, there is an increasing requirement of the hybrid purchase options, different types of self-service facilities and full-service capabilities. This makes the buyers fickle and they start looking for sellers, who can offer all these features together. Therefore, these buyers become loyal and purchase only from those shops.

Developing B2B and B2C merged websites

4.Easy design: Developing B2B and B2C merged websites is really simple and it is only limited by the extent to which you want to expand or sell the businesses. It is actually possible to manage and maintain these websites with complete ease due to the features like flexibility and the simple customization facility.

5.Uniformed design of websites: This is a vital aspect of web design. The majority of the web pages offer identical designs. This is one such feature that also allows the web developers and designers to install only the best features to make the websites special. An expert B2B and B2C portal development company India can help you in this matter. Some of the common patterns for these websites include model view controller pattern, factory pattern, registry pattern, object cool pattern and many more. All of these things successfully improve the website’s attractiveness. And therefore, there is no requirement of incorporating any specific functionality.

Search Engine Optimization

6.Ease of Search Engine Optimization and Content Management: Magento, the open source platform facilitates the eCommerce business owners to have a proper control over the content and the looks of the websites. This also helps the business owners to develop merged and highly-functional eCommerce websites. Magento also allows the business owners to use different types of tools on their websites that successfully drive traffic to the websites while assisting the businesses to prosper.


In conclusion, it can be said that the B2B and B2C merged websites include all the plus points and no negative points of the individual market streams. This is because of the availability of a range of versatile open source platforms. Besides, the easy check-out method and the on-site search process can help the clients to carry an affirmative impression of the sites.

How will AI Impact the Future of Software Development?

Best-CRM-software-for-SME-in-IndiaThe cloud computing market is presently evolving at an unprecedented rate. As per Forbes, the annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 – 2018 has been a whopping 22.8%. The market is well poised to touch $127.5 billion by this year only. Back in the 1980’s when companies primarily relied on contact management software (which formed a major part of the company’s front-end operations), we weren’t really in a position to envisage the kind of trajectory that CRM has managed to achieve today.

CRM and Businesses: A Little Bit of History


In fact, it was not even before the 90’s that businesses actually embraced the automated business processes. However, it was only in the 2000s, that the potential of Customer Relationship Management or CRM was truly recognized. In 2018, with personalized workflow automation being prioritized, Artificial Intelligence will end up impacting the future of CRM Software Development in a significant fashion. The question is how exactly will AI influence CRM in Bangalore? This is exactly what we are going to explore in the course of the post. Discussed below are a few ways with the help of which AI will seek to optimize business operations – provided you’re investing in the technology, in the first place.

Why Do we think AI will Impact CRM Software Development?

As far as market shares are concerned— Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Adobe Systems and Microsoft remain the five largest CRM vendors in the market. They have been consistently investing in internal AI set-ups as well as buying AI startups. It wouldn’t really be an exaggeration to claim that it’s the association with these names that has largely propelled AI into the kind of eminence that it enjoys today.


  • All these CRM giants have focused on the development of new apps
  • A Salesforce-sponsored IDC White Paper projects that the employment of AI in CRM will actually go on to bolster global business by $1.1 trillion from 2017 -2021
  • Oracle has liberally invested in Artificial Intelligence to boost predictive recommendations (something which helps them recommend what customers are most likely to buy or invest in)
  • SAP is presently busy with the development of Charly its Chatbot which will serve as the digital assistant for customers to make purchases, recommendations and ask for refunds as well

Ways in which AI will shape the future of CRM software development

AI Future in CRM software Developement

It’s not without reasons that SAP is investing heavily in AI. As we have already mentioned, the CRM giant has already indicated that it has high hopes regarding AI’s ability to serve as digital assistants. With the virtual assistants serving a number of functions associated with e-mails, automation of customer responses and follow-ups – employees can end up demonstrating more productivity at work. They will now enjoy smarter access inventory, policies, service history and customer account profile information.

Artificial Intelligence will end up playing a big role in automating mundane tasks including:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Retrieval
  • Updating Forecasts
  • Identification of customer behavior patterns

All your sales representatives have to do is just use the integrated software solution to use customer information and eventually invest more time in creating more meaningful avenues of Customer Relationship Management.

Artificial Intelligence can actually be employed as a training tool as well. With a number of areas like building roadmaps, deals and leads being facilitated – teams will be able to take improved decisions regarding content, sales play and answers to customer queries.

5 Reasons to Start a Travel Portal as a Business Option

With the country getting digitized at a very fast pace especially when the government that intended to make it a ‘digital India’, travel bookings are one of those few tasks that is no longer limited to long queues. Remember the times when getting a railway ticket meant being a part of the serpentine queue even before the gates opened at the booking counter? Gone are those days while things have become different with railway tickets as well as air tickets being acquired with just a click.


Apart from that, when it was time to make plans for a vacation, it often required looking out for hotels and book air/railway tickets with a lot of effort. All of that has changed, and website developers from the best travel portal development company have come up with travel portals to help people with making multiple bookings all at a single platform. Companies have taken advantage of such a business, and that is why you get to see multiple travel portals out there where you get complete travel packages whether for leisure or business.

While the business of starting a travel portal is a great idea, here is how it can be a success.

Your customers would want you to take care of A-Z

Whether they are travelling for business or it is for a holiday with friends and family, they would want to come to your portal and receive services of everything that they would need for a successful trip. Right from booking tickets for transportation to the hotel rooms, they would want to receive assistance from your end, and you should be able to help in the best possible manner as well as the best rates.

You should be able to provide cheap tickets and bookings

Travel cheap tickets booking
No matter how luxurious the destination is, almost everyone enjoys discounts and cheap deals when it comes to tickets and hotel bookings. When you can provide the same to your customers, you can accomplish the dream of having a travel portal and having the maximum number of users booking through you.

You can lure them with extra shots

If your customer makes bookings for a particular location where there are multiple places to visit or probably adventure sites, you should be able to help them with passes to such attractions. You could have direct access to the administration of all these places, and that is when you get to provide your customers with prepaid and hassle-free travel.

You are to provide them with continuous support

IndGlobal continuous supportWhen they make booking through your portal, they trust you completely with all that you provide. Any problem with your travel, transit or accommodation would be directed to you, and it is a responsibility on your part to ensure that they are comfortable and are spending hassle-free stays.

They become your loyal customers

When someone makes bookings through you especially when you intend to make transits and stays easy for them, they would want to come back to you over and over again especially when you are capable of providing them with a trip that was hassle-free.

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The Significance of the Right Website Design with a Comprehensive Development in the Digital World

The advent of internet made way to the origin of websites, the evolution of websites and its journey has many twists and turns. The journey has brought in many challenges and scopes for Designers, Marketers and Consultants, the challenges has given innumerable learnings to them, one significant aspect is consistently highlighted in the entire journey that they have traversed – the significant aspect is Updation / Improvisation. While change also happens to be the only constant in this universe, mankind is well-versed and addicted to change. Change refines and defines him, hence the mind always thinks of having a change in all aspects and walks of life. The bottom-line is a good website is more than necessary for every marketer in the constantly changing environment of the digital space. The website development companies deliver a host of services basis the learnings and communication needs, these companies rapidly change to the changing dynamics of the business, and change is constant and a great leveler in Digital Marketing.

Comprehensive Web Solutions – Website development and Sustenance


A good website should have many features and qualities; a good website is developed with multiple objectives, outlining the objectives before developing is paramount. The most prominent objectives of a good website are:

a) Appealing design and appearance.

b) Appropriate, Right and necessary content.

c) Functional features.

d) Usability and finally

e) Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Indglobal Solutions is a prominent website development company in Bangalore. At Indglobal Solutions, we completely take charge of the entire brand communication across the digital spectrum, we believe in taking the overall responsibility of all the digital communications of the brand. We take the complete ownership of the brand in the digital space, this enables us to conceive and deploy a digital strategy that is not only effective with respect to ROI but it also enhances the brand saliency and establishes the ethos of the brand.

Our ‘Comprehensive Website development Solutions’ comprises of the following:- Website Redesigning, WordPress Website Designing, Joomla Website Designing, Drupal Website Design, Portal Web Developmentand Dynamic Website Design

We religiously follow disciplines and processes to deliver an astounding design.

Conception, Development and Designing of the website:-

Digital Comunication

We conceive the design and content for the brand keeping in mind the ever-evolving digital media. We also develop the right and necessary digital communications & strategy by developing proprietary ideas for the brand to sustain and perform in the long run, we devise digital strategies that sustain and enhance the brand’s saliency and ethos; we also develop strategy to grow the client’s business. Eventually, the digital communication encompasses all types of digital communications, banners and its paraphernalia.