5 Reasons to Start a Travel Portal as a Business Option

With the country getting digitized at a very fast pace especially when the government that intended to make it a ‘digital India’, travel bookings are one of those few tasks that is no longer limited to long queues. Remember the times when getting a railway ticket meant being a part of the serpentine queue even before the gates opened at the booking counter? Gone are those days while things have become different with railway tickets as well as air tickets being acquired with just a click.


Apart from that, when it was time to make plans for a vacation, it often required looking out for hotels and book air/railway tickets with a lot of effort. All of that has changed, and website developers from the best travel portal development company have come up with travel portals to help people with making multiple bookings all at a single platform. Companies have taken advantage of such a business, and that is why you get to see multiple travel portals out there where you get complete travel packages whether for leisure or business.

While the business of starting a travel portal is a great idea, here is how it can be a success.

Your customers would want you to take care of A-Z

Whether they are travelling for business or it is for a holiday with friends and family, they would want to come to your portal and receive services of everything that they would need for a successful trip. Right from booking tickets for transportation to the hotel rooms, they would want to receive assistance from your end, and you should be able to help in the best possible manner as well as the best rates.

You should be able to provide cheap tickets and bookings

Travel cheap tickets booking
No matter how luxurious the destination is, almost everyone enjoys discounts and cheap deals when it comes to tickets and hotel bookings. When you can provide the same to your customers, you can accomplish the dream of having a travel portal and having the maximum number of users booking through you.

You can lure them with extra shots

If your customer makes bookings for a particular location where there are multiple places to visit or probably adventure sites, you should be able to help them with passes to such attractions. You could have direct access to the administration of all these places, and that is when you get to provide your customers with prepaid and hassle-free travel.

You are to provide them with continuous support

IndGlobal continuous supportWhen they make booking through your portal, they trust you completely with all that you provide. Any problem with your travel, transit or accommodation would be directed to you, and it is a responsibility on your part to ensure that they are comfortable and are spending hassle-free stays.

They become your loyal customers

When someone makes bookings through you especially when you intend to make transits and stays easy for them, they would want to come back to you over and over again especially when you are capable of providing them with a trip that was hassle-free.

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The Significance of the Right Website Design with a Comprehensive Development in the Digital World

The advent of internet made way to the origin of websites, the evolution of websites and its journey has many twists and turns. The journey has brought in many challenges and scopes for Designers, Marketers and Consultants, the challenges has given innumerable learnings to them, one significant aspect is consistently highlighted in the entire journey that they have traversed – the significant aspect is Updation / Improvisation. While change also happens to be the only constant in this universe, mankind is well-versed and addicted to change. Change refines and defines him, hence the mind always thinks of having a change in all aspects and walks of life. The bottom-line is a good website is more than necessary for every marketer in the constantly changing environment of the digital space. The website development companies deliver a host of services basis the learnings and communication needs, these companies rapidly change to the changing dynamics of the business, and change is constant and a great leveler in Digital Marketing.

Comprehensive Web Solutions – Website development and Sustenance


A good website should have many features and qualities; a good website is developed with multiple objectives, outlining the objectives before developing is paramount. The most prominent objectives of a good website are:

a) Appealing design and appearance.

b) Appropriate, Right and necessary content.

c) Functional features.

d) Usability and finally

e) Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Indglobal Solutions is a prominent website development company in Bangalore. At Indglobal Solutions, we completely take charge of the entire brand communication across the digital spectrum, we believe in taking the overall responsibility of all the digital communications of the brand. We take the complete ownership of the brand in the digital space, this enables us to conceive and deploy a digital strategy that is not only effective with respect to ROI but it also enhances the brand saliency and establishes the ethos of the brand.

Our ‘Comprehensive Website development Solutions’ comprises of the following:- Website Redesigning, WordPress Website Designing, Joomla Website Designing, Drupal Website Design, Portal Web Developmentand Dynamic Website Design

We religiously follow disciplines and processes to deliver an astounding design.

Conception, Development and Designing of the website:-

Digital Comunication

We conceive the design and content for the brand keeping in mind the ever-evolving digital media. We also develop the right and necessary digital communications & strategy by developing proprietary ideas for the brand to sustain and perform in the long run, we devise digital strategies that sustain and enhance the brand’s saliency and ethos; we also develop strategy to grow the client’s business. Eventually, the digital communication encompasses all types of digital communications, banners and its paraphernalia.

How to Increase Shareability of Social Media Content

While every business out there is creating some kind of content almost every day, not many are creating “viral” content. Most of them are not capable of creating content, which is interesting enough to command substantial shareability. And, unless your content is shared widely, it’s not serving its purpose.

Social Media Optimisation: How to Increase Shareability of Content

Tracking down the factors that govern social sharing, experts found that there are multiple psychological triggers that are at play here:

A great topic



Social Approval

Socail Media Help support

Marketers looking forward to bolstering their social media optimisation strategies should know that it all starts with a great topic. Content which doesn’t revolve around a great topic has fewer chances of being shared than something written on a trending topic. The most discerning social media optimisation company Bangalore will agree. Quite unfortunately enough, it has been seen that even something interesting written on a fairly less trendy topic loses steam when compared to something repetitive written on a trendy topic.

What are the Psychological Triggers affecting Social Media Marketing?

Social approval, communication and entertainment all take from there – from a great topic. One of the primary motives of sharing content is to secure positive feedback from readers. It’s the feedback thus garnered that further helps nurture human relationships through social communications. And, at the end of the day, if you think that there is window for some kind of entertainment (i.e. if you are not writing on a serious issue) then make sure you are not holding back.

UCLA psychologists revealed that people are actually driven by the urge to disseminate information. Content which triggers an emotional connect – commands substantial shareability as well.

Socail Media Optimization.jpg

Are you Structuring your Content Properly?

Your content, with all the aforementioned elements may still fall short if you are not structuring it in a smart fashion. It is important to break it down in a format which the internet audience can browse through quickly. The use of headers, bullet points and numbered lists can help your cause sufficiently in this regard.

Final Thoughts…

Another smart way to bolster readability would be to prioritize your audience before you start writing. Think about why you are writing something and who you are writing it for! You can even conduct a market survey to gauge readability of content. Keep room for debates by activating comment section as well.

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ios development


Indglobal is in the list of leading ranking mobile application growth firm in Bangalore, India as well as a reliable companion to businesses worldwide for their apple mobile  applications needs across distinct domain names. iPhone Application Growth has the inherent to give companies the side through boosted customer service as well as higher technique to their target market. We have offered several of the top brand names in the sector and also sustained startups to get on their importance and celebrate their existence in the on the internet application globe. We offer a vast array of method iPhone application advancement services, video game advancement, to our clients come from almost everywhere the world. Indglobal has a team of experts in iOS application advancement also we have the possessions and redefined modern technology to create any type of iOS applications to meet also the most accurate needs.

IOS is unique due to the fact that the modern technology powering the software application is a various platform all on its own. Apple’s dedication in the direction of establishing new benchmarks shows clear reflection in IOS. The style, use, capability and also vision of the software application integrated with the aesthetics of the phone has established it miles apart from its competitors. The flawless integration of the IOS software application with the phone hardware has the ability to please the toughest of clients with differing customer predispositions.



INDGLOBAL is  the best player in the industry with deep-drive knowledge on new trending technologies.

Indglobal is an Android applications development company  believes in simple, user eccentric mobile apps which ensures more pleasant user experience for targeted users. Being one of the top mobile apps development companies in India  accumulations has strong in-depth experience in development of android apps with new technologies.

With Android market share crossing 80% around the world, Android continuous lies brand-new Smartphones and Tablet computers to deprecation of underlying APIs to the intro of brand-new APIs and also lots of others, calls for a company specialised in this domain name. Not only to establish keep its dominant placement on the market. With this enhanced popularity, Android has ended up being a requirement as opposed to deluxe for companies. Though Mobile application like Android Application becoming an essential component of any type of company regardless of the dimension of it, the intricacy associated with developing the application is additionally raising. From different dimensions of Device displays with intro of the application but additionally to inform the customer on reaching the very best possible solution despite the intricacy and also distinctions included highly, in such a way that is suitable for a specific company.


Mobile Application Development Company In Bangalore,India.

android application developmentIndglobal is the top leading  Mobile application development company in Bangalore ,India. A group of  knowledgeable mobile applications designers, has actually created lots of cutting-edge, user-eccentric mobile applications in Android & IOS for all kind of companies varying from developed enterprises to advanced startups.

Mobile applications have become a requirement as opposed to a deluxe. We are technology leaders in the area of mobile applications development. The variety of our multi-platform mobile applications solutions fit every person, from large ventures & government to tiny & moderate companies. We have actually established numerous mobile applications for various industries varying from medical care to entertainment. We have actually provided excellent quality items with 100% client satisfaction. We make every effort to serve our customers the most effective mobile applications.

Indglobal adheres to a well-architecture growth strategy to seem sources and enlist in reliable monitoring of jobs. Releasing the most recent modern technologies, we bear work items that supply high zone of uniformity in high quality and also efficiency. Android app advancement being the core of mobile design today, we help thorough businesses by establishing as well as deploying best in class android applications to maintain them forward of the contour. Not just we develop terrific android apps, yet we additionally support in regards to mobile app marketing as well as money making. We develop very enhanced cloud options with seamless user encounters, leveraging the sophisticated cloud handling and also storage modern technologies as well as years of proficiency in mobile and also internet spaces.

A Mobile application is a function built for a mobile phone or a tablet that could utilise the integral abilities of the tool it is staying on accomplish essential individual activities. Our crew of mobile application programmers is creative, distinct and also smart to complete your needs of mobile web advancements. Our mobile app designers with contemporary devices as well as technology create cross system mobile applications for business activity.









At Indglobal , we ensure that our packages are just a small fraction of return on investment . Each websites are unique ,so our E-Commerce plans differ from website to website . However we are providing a comparison chart of our 3 major E-Commerce services to give you a brief overview :


Web design and Hosting Small Business Standard Business Premium
Domain Name Free Free Free
Web Space 30GB 30GB 100GB
Email Accounts 5 10 100
Your E-commerce Shop
Number of Products 100 1000 Unlimited
Number of Categories/Pages 10 100 1000
Product Attributes 5 20 50
Variations per Products 2 4 10
Currencies 2 100 100
Languages 2 9 9
Online Booking System 1 2 5
Downlodable Goods
Setup & Design
300+ Customisable Industry Templates
Setup Assistant
HTML Page Editing
Multiple Product Images
Auto Product Image Resizing
Search Functionality
Interactive Menus
User-Defined Page Elements 5 15 100
Amazon Marketplace
Payment Options
Shopping Basket – Streamlined Checkout
Minimum Order Value
Standard Payment Methods (pay in advance, cash on delivery, invoice)
Manual Credit Card Entry
Shipping Options
Shipping Methods 15 30 30
Gift Wrap & Greeting Card Service
Additional Delivery Requirements
Set Regions with Different Delivery Methods 10 20
Set Shipping Method per Product
Shop Management
Ecommerce Admin Panel (back office)
Quick Batch Processing
Import / Export Data (manual / .csv)
Product Availability
Create Invoices, Packing Slips & Credit Notes
Customer Attributes
Sales & Marketing Tools
Payment & Price Discounts
Manual Cross Selling
Customer Groups
Discount Voucher Codes
Promotional Product Boxes
Product Comparisons
Share & Like Buttons
Newsletter Tool
Filter by Price
Home Page Product Area Static Animated Carousel Animated Carousel
Interative Google Map
Social Media buttons
Online Form Support
Responsive Site
Basic SEO
E-Commerce Pricing
Cost Per Month